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This workshop aims to introduce Processing + Arduino as a first step to involve local artists to use codes as a form of artistic expression. This workshop is intended for designers, artists, or anyone interested in creating software and DIY hardware for artistic creation.

Processing is an open source programming language originally created to teach fundamentals of programming. This tool facilitates the creation of applications for exhibits and / or audio through code. Processing is a simplified language, easier to use, making it a more accessible introduction to a programming language from the artistic point of view.

From the same family, Arduino is an open source electronics platform based on software and hardware easy to use. Like Processing, Arduino is designed with artists, designers and / or “hobbyists”. The Arduino board can measure the environment through input from various sensors, controlling light and sound engines. Your microcontroller is programmed via the programming language also called Arduino. The same can communicate with other programs such as Flash, MAX MSP, Processing and openFrameworks.

In the context of this workshop and given the time, the main objective is to show the picture and Processing + Arduino possibilities, and how to use both basically. Looking, thus promoting its use in local arts projects.

What is the contribution of this workshop?
In the last 15 years the development and advancement of new technologies evolved from exclusive use of engineers and scientists, giving the general public-artists-including the ability to create their own software and hardware tools. In this sense, and seeing the lack of development of this type of establishment in the local media, this workshop takes an important step for Peru in the field of artistic creativity through the use of programming languages.

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