Shag Brooklyn

Refreshed visual identity for a sexy shop featuring locally made lingerie, jewelry & accessories, plus bath & body products.

Here at Candelita I've refreshed the visual identity for one of New York Top 10 Sex Shops, SHAG.

This is Candelita's latest partnership with SHAG after featuring them in The Fabricant Way - A web series that features creative entrepreneurs of New York.

SHAG has been keeping Brooklyn sexy since 2009. Founders Samantha and Ashley have carefully curated the boutique with sexy accouterments to satisfy every kind of gift giver and lover. From bath & body products, to lingerie and sexy toys for girls & boys, we have it all.  SHAG is a retail store, fine art gallery, and event space that unites sex and art. All of our merchandise has one common theme… Making People Feel Sexy! 

SHAG's new brand reflects the intersection between sexuality, sensuality and arts.  A balance of both female and male aesthetics allows the brand to be inclusive no matter your sexual orientation, expertise and preferences.

The brand development allows SHAG to scale up as they introduce in-house products created under their brand.  All the elements inside the physical store and the new UI design for the website translates the user experience to both mediums effectively by allowing the visitor to fullfill their curiosities and discover new products.